Workflow Designer (HTML5): Can't double-click on actions to edit in Chrome version 58

Note: This applies to WorkflowGen versions 7.2.1 and earlier

Due to an incompatibility with the HTML5 workflow designer and Chrome version 58 (Windows and macOS), it’s not possible to double-click on an action to open the Edit action panel. This issue has been fixed in WorkflowGen version 7.3.0.

If you haven’t upgraded to version 7.3.0, there are two workarounds:

  • Edit the action in List view. In the graphical workflow designer, click List above the toolbar to switch to List view, then click on the action name to edit it.

  • Use a different browser or an earlier version of Chrome.


I have Chrome 65 and it is not working. I cannot select, drag, double click.

It also does not work with Firefox 59.

The only browser that works for me is Internet Explorer.

I am using WokflowGen version 7.8.0