WorkflowGen 7.3.0

Hotfix (May 11, 2017)

  • Bug (#635): This patch fixes an issue with process import, export, and duplication in WorkflowGen 7.3.0.

    To install it, download, unzip it, and copy the Advantys.Workflow.Processes.Design.dll file into the \wfgen\bin, \wfgen\ws\bin, and \Advantys\WorkflowGen\Services\bin folders.

Official release (May 5, 2017)

Workflow Designer

  • Feature (#367): Added support for JavaScript conditions in transitions and notifications.

  • Bug (#589): Fixed an issue with the check syntax function for workflow conditions.

    Note: This fix does not change how conditions are evaluated at runtime.

  • Bug (#625): Fixed an issue with Chrome v58 where double-clicking an action would not open its Edit action panel.


  • Enhancement (#468): Added queries and mutations for Favorites.

  • Enhancement (#571, #587, #606): Added queries for groups and directories (as well as their underlying user lists).

  • Enhancement (#590): Added fields in user queries for Administrators.

  • Bug (#586): Fixed an issue with view fragments.

  • Bug (#604): Fixed an issue with user queries when some fields were null.


  • Enhancement (#481): Added mutations for Favorites.


  • Bug (#628): Fixed an issue with the display of certain icons in Internet Explorer 11.


  • Bug (#477): Fixed an issue with the display of dates in Advanced View.

  • Bug (#565): Fixed an issue where clicking the icon of a new request via the Favorites list would not open its Quick View.

  • Bug (#579): Fixed an issue with process versions not displaying in the search when viewing the Portal in single-process mode.

  • Bug (#600): Fixed an issue with the new request cancel and delete buttons in Quick View.

  • Bug (#622): Fixed an issue with new request descriptions in Quick View.


  • Bugs (#581, #582, #583): Various security improvements.

Installation packs

WorkflowGen 7.3.0 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 7.3.0 (Clean install - PowerShell)
WorkflowGen 7.3.0 (Clean install - Wizard)
WorkflowGen 7.3.0 (Clean install - manual)
WorkflowGen.My 4.1.0

Note: The PowerShell installation is compatible with MS SQL Server (via SQL Server authentication), Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, and Windows 10. For Oracle database and/or other operating systems, use either the InstallShield Wizard installation procedure or the manual installation procedure.

Docker image

WorkflowGen Docker image


WorkflowGen 7.3.0 Upgrade Guide
WorkflowGen 7.3.0 Technical Guide
WorkflowGen 7.3.0 Administration Guide
WorkflowGen 7.3.0 User Portal Guide
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