WorkflowGen 7.1.0

Official release (March 3, 2017)



  • Bug (#258): Fixed an issue in the directory synchronization account password field where saving an empty password would not replace the existing password.

  • Bug (#421): Fixed an alignment issue with sort icons.

Configuration Panel

  • Enhancement (#281): Added a new Integration tab for GraphQL and webhooks settings.

  • Bug (#368): Fixed an issue where testing a valid web application URL would fail.

  • Bug (#361): Removed the unused Windows services section from the Administration tab.

Form Designer

  • Enhancement (#239): New web form style templates.

    Note: The style templates available in previous versions of WorkflowGen (Dynamic, Essential, Metal, Standard, Structural) have been deprecated and are no longer included in new installations; however, they will remain available after upgrade installations.

  • Bug (#431): Fixed an issue where Default was displayed as an available style in the Style drop-down menu.


  • Enhancement (#245): Improved default sort order for action lists.

  • Enhancement (#261): Added a new filter to process.activities to list activities that are visible or hidden in the actions history section of the request follow-up form.


  • Bug (#396) Fixed an issue where built-in assembly workflow applications were unable to run when the request or action was started from the incoming webhooks environment and GraphQL mutations.


  • Bug (#422): Fixed an issue where the SENDHTTPPOST application would trigger an exception error when the optional APP_RESPONSE_CONTENT parameter was not defined.

  • Bug (#423): Fixed an issue where the SENDHTTPPOST application would trigger an exception error when there were no additional parameters defined.

  • Bug (#424): Fixed an issue where the SENDHTTPPOST application would send NUMERIC parameters as text values.

Workflow Applications

  • Bug (#420): MERGEFORM application: Added missing default MergeFormTempFilesLifeSpan and MergeFormLogLevel parameters to the web.config.

Workflow Engine

  • Known regression bug (#542): Due to a change in the workflow engine behavior, any custom .NET assembly workflow applications that used primitive type input parameters (such as Int, String, Boolean, etc., but not workflow context) or had no input parameters defined was unable to start and would raise an exception error (Index was out of bound) at runtime, which could render the associated request cancelled. This critical issue has been fixed in the WorkflowGen 7.2.0 release.

Installation packs

WorkflowGen 7.1.0 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 7.1.0 (Clean install - Wizard)
WorkflowGen 7.1.0 (Clean install - Manual)

Docker image

WorkflowGen Docker image


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