WorkflowGen 7.8.0

Official release (February 2, 2018)


  • Enhancement (#903): Search: Added a new All except closed (cancelled) option in the request and action status filter.

  • Bug (#1302, #1303): Fixed an issue where the EngineServiceCheckTimeLimitFrequency and EngineServiceSystemActivitiesTimeOut parameters were not properly loaded from the configuration file.

  • Bug (#1312): Fixed some HTML semantic issues in the process and request graphical follow-up views.


  • Enhancement (#636): Process definition report: Displays transition condition language and action parameter expression settings.

  • Enhancement (#1262): Added some warnings when saving element names (e.g. process data and action parameter names) that do not follow XML naming rules.

  • Bug (#1230): Application: Incoming webhooks will now always show a URL according to the current WorkflowGen application URL.

  • Bug (#1290): Fixed a username display issue in the user list result after a name search in the group, participant and process participant pop-up dialogs.

Web services API

  • Bug (#1318): Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of a new incoming webhook workflow application.

GraphQL v1.0.0-beta.1

  • Version update to 1.0.0-beta.1 from 1.0.0-alpha.13.

  • Performance (#1095): Supports read-only database connection for the database master/slave feature.

  • Enhancement (#1270, #1348, #1361): Added new fields graphicalViewUrl, graphicalViewPortalUrl, canCreateRequest and hasGraphicalViewAccess to process.

  • Enhancement (#1273): Added new subStatuses filter to request.

  • Enhancement (#1349): Added new isVisibleInHistory field to activity.

  • Enhancement (#1274): Added new subStatuses filter to action.

  • Enhancement (#1286): Added new isDueDateExceeded filter to request’s action.

  • Enhancement (#1294, #1347): Added new canCancel and canComplete fields to action.

  • Bug (#1357): Fixed an issue in category.launchableProcesses where it should not have raised a A user ID is required. error.

  • Bug (#1309): Fixed an issue where the action.assignedAt field was null when the action was assigned by the system.

  • Bug (#1346): Fixed an issue in query.actions and user.actions with SQL Server 2008 where it raised an Ambiguous column name... SQL error when a date field was defined in the orderByField parameter.

  • Dependencies (#1320): package.json: Use lodash.merge module instead of lodash.

Webhooks v3.0.0

  • Version updated from 2.0.0 to 3.0.0.

  • Breaking change (#1343): Webhooks now return an HTTP 404 error code for a missing token in the URL or an invalid token, instead of an HTTP 403 error code. An HTTP 403 error code is now returned for an invalid, archived, or inactive associated user.

  • Performance (#1095): Supports read-only database connection for the database master/slave feature.

  • Dependencies (#1340): package.json: Removed all development depencencies from the production build.


  • REMINDER: For clients currently hosting WorkflowGen on a database server older than MS SQL Server 2012, we highly recommend upgrading to MS SQL Server 2017 or 2019 for the best performance.

Installation packs

Note: The InstallShield Wizard installation is no longer available as of WorkflowGen 7.6.0; instead, the PowerShell installation is the new recommended primary installation method, and will always install the latest version of WorkflowGen. For instructions on this method, see the PowerShell Installation section in the WorkflowGen Technical Guide.

WorkflowGen 7.8.0 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 7.8.0 (Clean install - PowerShell)
WorkflowGen 7.8.0 (Clean install - manual)
WorkflowGen.My 4.1.1

Docker image

WorkflowGen Docker image


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