Which temporary Folder is used by WssEventRemoteLaunch and which rights it needs?

The WssEventRemoteLaunch web service uses a temporary folder to put files where WorkflowGen will be able to retrieve them.

  • The temporary folder used is defined by an environment variable on the SharePoint Server computer. The environment variable used can be specified as the last parameter in the Document Library advanced properties where WssEventRemoteLaunch is used. If no environment variable is specified, then environment variable TEMP is used.

  • To know the value of the environment variable, right-click on My Computer, Properties, tab Advanced, button Environment Variables. In System Variables, you should find the value name; default value for TEMP is C:\WINDOWS\TEMP. If your variable name isn’t listed, define it to the folder you want to use, to make a new variable available, you may have to restart the computer. If SharePoint isn’t on the same computer as WorkflowGen, you can use a UNC path (i.e.:\Server\folder).

  • The account used by WssEventRemoteLaunch to write the file is the Security Account of the Application Pool. To know which account is used, open the Internet Information Services Management Console, right-click on folder Applications Pool, Properties, tab Identity. The default value is NETWORK SERVICE.

  • The account used by WorkflowGen to read the files is the one specified in the Document Library Advanced Setting. To know the value, edit the Document Library properties in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, then click on Modify settings and columns under Actions, and then click Change advanced settings. In Properties, the second parameter defines the WorkflowGen user. So, the temporary folder set in the environment variable must have write rights for the Application Pool account and read rights for the WorkflowGen account.