Text connector user and group synchronization field mapping

The following tables list the mapping between the key-entry fields for a user and the field names for the text connector. These mappings define the column names in the text file and can be edited by clicking the Edit mapping button in the directory editing page.


Field Text default mapping
Username sAMAccountName
Password (none)
Name sn
Firstname givenName
Email mail
Default time zone (none)
Manager (must be a valid username) manager
Phone telephoneNumber
Mobile mobile
Fax facSimileNumber
Pager pager
Office physicalDeliveryOfficeName
Department department
Company company
Job title title
Employee type employeeType
Initials initials
Title personalTitle
Employee number employeeID
Postal address postalAddress
Zip code postalCode
City l
State/Area st
Country co
LDAP path (none)
Display name (none)
Distinctive name (none)
Extended attribute 1 (none)
Extended attribute 2 (none)
Extended attribute 3 (none)
Extended attribute 4 (none)
Extended attribute 5 (none)
System identifier (none)


Field Text default mapping
Name sAMAccountName
Description Description

User groups

These are the required fields for the group user member file:

  • Synchronization field name for groups (e.g. GROUP_SAMAccountName )

  • Synchronization field name for users (e.g. USER_SAMAccountName )