Security error in views

I make view via Statistics, and shared it to participants in this process, and they can see the link in their main page, but show Security error, say You are not authorized to view this page, so what do I miss something? my version is 8.0.10

Hi @Tom_Xu,

Make sure the users have proper permissions to see the search results.
For example, if the search is in ‘Supervisor mode’ and you are sharing them with regular users, they will see the security error.
Make sure the search is in ‘User mode’ or share the search results to other supervisors if it’s in ‘Supervisor mode’.

Hi Eddy
I just make statistics to view, and share to process participants, not using search in supervisor mode or user mode, tested, only user profile set to administrator, the views work fine. so we need add more user profile? currently we only have user and administrator



best regards