Portal: Multi process view: Display common process data


Available since version 5.6.4.


The portal common process data feature allows you to display process data in the multi processes view.

This feature provides a simple solution to display process data of same name and datatype which are used in several processes.

For example, if you have a process data CUSTOMER (TEXT) used in most of your processes, you can define this data as a Portal Common Process data. The CUSTOMER process data (TEXT) will be displayed in all the portal lists, search form and quick search when the portal is in multi processes view.


In the administration module / Configuration Panel / Portal / Display

  • Common process data name list: [A list of comma separated process data names]


For the process data settings (description, format, column width, search, etc.), the portal will use the most recent version of the process data (sharing the same name and datatype) defined in all the processes which are using it.

The display order of the columns in the portal lists will be the same order as the data defined in the parameter ‘Common process data name list’ of the configuration panel.

For the quick search, only TEXT and NUMERIC process data are supported. TEXT process data will use the ‘contains’ operator and NUMERIC process data will use the ‘equal’ operator.

Common process data are only used in multi process view. In mono process view, the process data settings of the selected process are applied.


Data defined as Portal Common process data are displayed for all the users.
The security restrictions defined on the process data are not applied in this case.


You have to limit the number of Common Process Data because that could impact the performance by adding SQL queries.

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