Parallel Process, not routing correctly

I am running into some weird behavior with a workflow I am building that splits into four parallel processes. After it splits I need all four parties make an approval. In the event any one of these parties disapproves, the action needs to stop for all parties and loop back up to the preapproval step where marketing makes revisions to their documents. I also put a form merge step prior to looping back to marketing that way marketing can see the comments left on the form by the four parties. I have managed to get all this working as intended, with one exception. After the step splits back out to all four parties and all four parties have approved the revision, the process loops back up the rejection step instead of the sync step that was fed by all approvals. I am thinking something is buried in my form data that is remembering the direction toward the former sync bar for the original disapproval, but I am not sure. Any help I could get would be most welcome.
I have attached a screen shot of a graphical follow-up of the problem accruing.

Thank you,

I actually think I figured out my own problem. To the best I can tell my problem had to do with having two sync bars tied to the same set of steps. I managed to “fix” or work around my problem by having everything feed one sync bar and using a logical check after to route to the correct action. So I guess my only question at this point is one looking for confirmation. Is WorkflowGen able to handle routing actions to multiple sync bars tied to the same set of actions, or am I always going to be better off doing what I just did, and route my actions after the sync bar and stick to one sync bar for a set of actions?
I have attached a screenshot of my revised workflow.


Hi @jmack,

Both scenarios should work. I would need to take a look at the Engine trace to see what caused the issue in the first scenario. If you want, open a ticket in our Helpdesk site, attach this process and we will investigate the issue.