Cancel pending actions and return back to previous step

The workflow consists of 3 steps.
Step 1: 1 action
Step 2: 2 or more actions
Step 3: 1 action
Step 1 will determine how many person will handle step 2.
In step 2, if any person reject, the other still pending step 2 will be cancel and return back to step 1.
I use the Raise Exception function to cancel the pending actions but it always cancel the whole request.

Is this a bug?
How to handle the problem?

Can you try to redirect cancel action to a finish. (and keep step2 to step1 via a “cancel action” condition.

My action “ANNULE_SUIVI” cancels action “SUIVRE_RECRUT”.
Both actions go to an endpoint.

My action “SUIVRE RECRUT” goes to a synchro line to continue the process.

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Hi @nvarlet,

I had try your suggestion but the request still being cancelled without going back to STEP_1

As you can see from the image above, STEP_2 have 4 actions spawn in parallel.
After I reject action No.4, action No.3,5,6 is cancelled by action No.7 but did not go to STEP_1

For additional testing, I remove the synchro bar and put a direct link from STEP_2 to STEP_1 for cancellation exception.
The workflow can successful go back to STEP_1 after any STEP_2 is cancel.
But if STEP_2 have 5 actions cancelled, 5 STEP_1 will be spawned.

I am not sure that the cancellation exception do not work when going to synchro bar or I still missing something.

PS: workflowgen 7.11.0

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I have found a workaround solution for this:
Just add a DUMMY action between the synchro bar and the action where the cancellation trigger(STEP_2), then the problem is solved.

Best Regards.