Action to cancel pending action

Is there a way to cancel a pending action when exception is trigger. For example if i have parallel approval action which required all approver to approved in order to move to next action and If one of the approver rejected, the action will cancel all parallel action and return to action before the parallel action.


Yes definitely. You can do that by using the RAISEEXCEPTION application. Please refer to the following documentation:

Here is how to raise an exception on multiple actions:


Hi Eddy
Thanks for the fast reply.
I’ve tried to cancel one action, not sure what i did wrong, the raise exception ends up cancelling all action and not proceed to next action.


Hi Nazmi,

Kindly open a request in our Helpdesk system so I can take a look.


How did you solved this issue ? I have the same problem ; RAISEEXCEPTION is closing all actions in my request and not only the specified action.

If you cancel an action with RAISEEXCEPTION, you need to add a transition in the target action with the Exception Action cancellation .... Without this, the request is canceled too.