Implementing corrective debug actions within your workflow


When using system actions within your workflow, it is strongly recommended that you add a corrective (debug) action linked directly to that system action. Should an error occur during the execution of a system action, it is required that you trap the error in question or risk having the request close prematurely (with Closed - Cancelled status).


The solution is to implement error handling functionality for all actions executed by the system. This will help ensure that execution errors are not only captured by WorkflowGen, but will also allow for the action to be re-launched once the cause of the error has been rectified.

To add a corrective debug action, do the following:

  1. Add a manual action (or a .NET form for a more interactive user experience).

  2. Position the action so that it transitions from the system action.

  3. Place an Execution Error exception on the transition line.

  4. Add a transition line from the manual action back to the system action.

Should an error occur during the execution of a system action it will trigger the execution exception and transition to the debug action. This will essentially pause the request until the participant or user assigned manually starts and stops the action. As long as the system action is in error, it will continue to trigger the manual action. Once the error has been corrected and the manual action is launched , the workflow will continue on its intended path.