How to redirect the WorkflowGen root URL to the User Portal homepage

If you want to use a simple URL (such as that will redirect to the /wfgen User Portal homepage, you can rewrite the URL by following these steps:

  1. Download the URL Rewrite extension for IIS from and install it on your WorkflowGen server.

  2. Open IIS on the WorkflowGen server and select your website (wwwroot), then choose URL Rewrite in the Features View.

  3. In the Actions panel, click Add Rule(s).

  4. Under Inbound rules, select Blank rule.

  5. On the Edit Inbound Rule page, configure the following settings:

  6. i. Choose Matches the Pattern from the Requested URL drop-down list.

    ii. Choose Regular Expressions from the Using drop-down list.

    iii. In the Pattern field, enter ^$.

    iv. Check the Ignore case checkbox.

    v. Choose Redirect from the Action type drop-down list.

    vi. In the Redirect URL field, enter /wfgen/.

    vii. Check the Append query string checkbox.

    viii. Choose Permanent (301) from the Redirect type drop-down list.

  7. Click Apply.

  8. Test your new rule by going to your WorkflowGen website root URL.