Data visibility - Date needed in views but not in the follow-up forms

I designed a workflow with a lot of data recently.

My customer wants to have access to all the data in views but don’t want them to appear in the follow-up form neither in the standard e-mails. There is around 60 to 80 datas but only 10 or 20 should be available in the follow-up forms and in generated e-mails.

My problem : you can’t define a data in a view without having them in the follow-up forms (when the 1st check box is unchecked, other check boxes can’t be modified.

Am I doing something wrong ? Perhaps this limitation is removed in a newer version ? (I’m on WFG 7.14.0).

Thanks in advance for you help.

Hi @nvarlet,

This behavior is the same with the latest version. All the data that are visible in the views are also available in the follow-up forms.

What you can do is change the security which is on top of the visibility option:
If you click on “All participants”, you can select specific participants to see that data.
This way, only the selected participants would be able to see the data in the follow-up form and views instead of all participants.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your answer but my goal is to limit the display of data in the follow-up form (and mail) because there are too many. (but they are needed into views).

Is there any reason to force the data in the following form if you want to have them into views ? I don’t understand why checkboxes are linked.