Customization of request closure notification


Is it possible to customize notification that is send when “Request closure notification: Notify the requester” is checked? When this one is not checked, “Additional Notifications” on “Action Edit” with “Event: CLOSED” are not sent.

I would like to have custom notification template when request is closed (completed) and also custom template when request is closed (cancelled).

Hi @hazey,

You can use a custom notification template in a process data and use this process data in an additional notification of a workflow action.
You can copy the default template located in \wfgen\App_Data\Templates\Emails and then do the desired changes.




Thanks for your response.

I am already familiar with setting custom templates - that was not the point of my question.

I configured notification on “CLOSED” event, but they are not sent. (without any additional conditions)
If I select “Notify the requester” checkbox on “Information” tab of Process - it sends the default notification.

I renew my question - how to send notification when request is closed e.g. on step 1?

Hi @hazey,

It is not possible to customize the request closure notification for each process. You can modify the default template located in ~\App_Data\Templates\Emails\..\NOTIFY_PROCESS_COMPLETE_TEMPLATE.txt. But this will be applied to all processes.