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In one of our processes, we added auto closure transitions in case of action overdue:


We would like to add notification to let Requester know that request is closed if it pass time limit. What is appropriate notification to use for this? If we use “Closed” event, what would be condition? Or we should use “Cancelled” event?

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Hi @marinam,

I would use the “Overdue” event on the MORE_INFO_RC action and set the recipient to the requester.
It is the simplest one without the need of adding any conditions.


Hi @eddy.daouk,
Thank you for your response. This notification that you mentioned above is not going to let Requester know that action is closed, he will just receive standard overdue notification.

Another, even more important thing that I’m noticing now is that this request won’t be closed after action time limit is reached (even though we have action overdue exception in transition that leads to the end). We recently jumped from version 7.11.2 to 7.19.0. Should something else be used in process design for this purpose?

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Don’t use the default overdue notification. Create an additional notification with the overdue event specifically for this action. You will also need a custom template that indicates that the request is closed. You can always put any content you want in custom notifications, no need to indicate that the action was overdue.
It makes sense in this case to send the notification with the “Overdue” event because the request will always close in that case.

Regarding your second concern, the Workflow’s engine service checks for new overdue actions every 3 minutes by default so it doesn’t overuse the server. You might need to wait a bit before seeing the overdue update.
If that’s not the case, check the engine service to see if it’s running after the update.

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Eddy, this was valuable information. It looks like engine service wasn’t running.
Everything looks fine now. Thank you a lot!

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