Workflow: How can we check whether the closure notification email is sent or not when the request is closed?

When this option is checked in the process definition, all of the request closure events will be triggered to send a request closure notification to the requester.

WorkflowGen does NOT trace the sending of this notification. You have to check in the logs of your SMTP server that is used by WorkflowGen’s default email sender account. The email’s title in en-US normally ends with the suffix Request closed. You can try to do a search in your SMTP logs with the suffix and the sender’s name.


If the request closure is an important event in your process, we suggest creating an additional web form action as the last action of the request in order for the requester to confirm the closure. Basically, the requester gets the last action to do, opens the web form (in read-only) and submits the form for closure.