Abandoned Requests / Create on Form Submit

I am launching a process from an external application. I can see a problem where users would click on the link to start a new process and then abandon the process. Is there a way to show the first form and then create the process on the submit of the form?

If not, is there a way to remove abandoned or empty process requests?

Hi Colin,

We identify these types of requests as ghost requests:

You can specify the number of days a ghost request should be deleted in the Admin Configuration Panel → Portal → Request → Delete ghost requests older than (days). The engine service will delete a request if it qualifies as a ghost request.

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Hi @eddy.daouk
How we can implement “ghost request” feature in requests that are saved as draft?

One user opened request and saved it as draft. That request was in his queue for couple of months.
It turned out that request was not needed, so we had to cancel it manually.

Is there any resolution for this type of requests?

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Hi Marina,

Saving as Draft submits the form (action) and loops back to the same action.
But that means there are currently two actions for that request.
And one of the rules of ghost request is that: “It has a single open action that is assigned to the requester.”

So when you open a request and save as draft, the request is no longer qualified as a ghost request and the best resolution is to cancel it manually which is what you did.

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