Data locked and unlock process

I would like to understand the process of data locked to explain to users how to leave a request without to lock it.
To give enough time to people to read documents and attached files before to approve a request the lock time has been set to 30 minutes.
However from time to time user open a request and leave, but the request stay locked.

If I have well understood, as soon has a user open an action, some data as the Form Data are locked and released when they click on Send or Draft Button.
a - When I open the standard follow form. Does it lock data?
b - When I open an action and do nothing, does it lock data?
c - When I open an action and check a field or the content of a list, but do no changes, does it lock data? All data?
d - When I click on send or draft button, does it always unlock all data ?
If without to click on send or draft button, what happen for cases a to c if
1 - I use the back arrow of my browser to leave the request
2 - I close the current tab
3 - I close my browser
4 - I stop my PC.
What is the best way if I do some change and before to click on Send I want to cancel all my changes and come back to initial status as it was when I have opened the action.


Even a user open an action and leave it open, after the default data lock time period expires the action for this user should be released.
General rule a WFG action/form will be locked if there is a parallel action that has reference to 1 or more process data as OUT parameters, i.e. if action A is set to update process data X while a parallel action B also consume process data X, this will lead to a potential data conflict and hence WFG will lock the operation of the action if there is already one happening. So for webform it will always be the case because FORM_DATA is already 1 modifiable data for any eformASPX action
so to your question:
a - no
b - yes because you are still consuming the process data when opening an action even doing nothing
c - yes same as b
d - yes when submitting an action that’s when WFG is notified that the data update is completed and to unlock
a to c
1- I think it still will locked because as long as an action is launched WFG locks the data. So browser back button does not signal WFG to unlock it
2- same as 1
3- same as 1
4- same as 1

If you are not dealing with a lot of parallel actions you an consider using the implementation of COPY_DATA and MERGE_DATA built in application in WorkflowGen to split form data allowing true concurrent operation without worrying data locking