Save As Draft without navigating user away from webform

Some background - I have a case where the user takes too long to complete the webform (this is not a custom form) and when they hit submit the form has timed out because the EngineDataProtectionLockTimeout is set to 15 mins.(more information on what the timeout is here Web form: Timeouts occur after submitting a form)
To resolve the issue my options seem to be

  1. increase the timeout period OR
  2. offer an ability for the user to save the current information entered. I assume this is possible if the user clicks the Save as draft button. But then user would navigate away from the screen.

My question is - Is there a way to save as draft without navigating the user from the screen.?


I don’t see the option “save the current information entered as draft without navigating the user from the screen.” written in the article mentioned. Kindly open a ticket on our Helpdesk if you need assistance regarding this.

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the link was just to refer to explanation of what EngineDataProtectionLockTimeout is . I have edited my question.