Save As Draft without navigating

Saving a draft without navigating and just update the current action instance. Will that be possible.

Lot of our users work on a draft and save it many times which creates 10’s of action items and they pile up in followupform .Is there a way to limit those entries and just save the draft without navigation and just update the current action instance.


I don’t recommend you doing this since you will loose the history on which user did which change.
There is no built-in solution for this task. But you can implement a custom solution like the following:

You will need the “Save As draft” for the first action in order to save the data.
Then you can implement another button to update the data; simply retrieve the file paths for the current request/previous action from the database [table WFPROCESS_INST_RELDATA] and then update the desired data. You will need to modify XML and HTML files that correspond to the form data and form archive.

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Hi Eddy,

Can you please provide me a small sample code on how to update [table WFPROCESS_INST_RELDATA] and the form data ,form archive without navigating away in visual studio web form.

Pavan Mantena

Hi Pavan,

Kindly open a new ticket in order to assist you with this request.

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Submitted a new ticket for this (197).