The action has been cancelled

How can I solve the below message??

The action has been cancelled because the timout delay has expired

any update about this case

Hi Rami,

We need more details regarding this. Please post a ticket on our support website with the reproduction steps.


Updating this thread:

WorkflowGen has a locking mechanism when launching parallel actions. If one of the actions is started, the system locks all the other actions by 5 minutes (default) to avoid concurrency issues.

If you try to submit after those 5 minutes, you will get the error message:

The action has been cancelled because the timout delay has expired

If you want more time to handle the action, you can modify the timeout value in:
Configuration panel -> Portal -> Request -> Request data lock timeout for concurrent application.


I am testing this and the form submitted without any error. It is not what I expected, since it overwrote the formdata and other data variables.

My form is a VS form. Do I need to something special to get the timeout error working?

Let me explain what is happening.

I have 2 concurrent actions assigned to different users.

  • User 1 opens the form. User 2 gets an expected lock message when trying to open the form. Good.
  • User 1 leaves the form open for more than 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, User 2 is able to open the form now and submits it successfully.
  • Finally, User 1 submits the form and it works! Eventhough, the form was open for more than 5 minutes and that User 2 was able to submit his action. This overwrites the OUT variables and creates problems.

Hello Gabriel,

The data lock is defined on the configuration panel (by default 5min), you can increase the value or set the possibility to launched parallel actions at the same time: Tutorial: How to create a workflow with parallel actions that can be launched at the same time


Thanks for your reply. I am aware how to launch actions in parallel, that is not the issue here. I believe there is a flaw in how the data lock works.

The user who leaves a form open for longer than the data lock value should NOT be able to submit the form. This is the case in 1 scenario, but not the one I described in this thread.

You can easily reproduce this issue by having a parallel action and following this procedure:

  1. User 1 opens his action and leaves it open
  2. User 2 waits the data lock number of minutes (5min by default) and opens the action. This way, user 2 will be able to open the action without getting the data lock error message.
  3. At this stage, we have the action opened for user 1 because he never submitted the form and simply left it opened in his browser. The action is also open for user 2.
  4. User 2 submits the form to workflowGen and it works because he did not exceed the 5 minute data lock limit. At this point everything is working as expected. The next step is the flaw.
  5. User 1 wakes up from his nap and goes back to his browser window with the form still opened (for more than 5 minutes) and submits the form. What we expect is for user 1 to get a data lock timeout error, but he DOES NOT and the form submits successfully. This is happening because user 2 cleared out the data locks. What should happen here is when user 1 submits the form, he gets a data lock timeout error.