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Workflow Application: RESTAPICLIENT usage

The RESTAPICLIENT workflow application allows you to call REST API endpoints to exchange information with other applications through HTTP requests, and can be used to build integrations with extendable applications (such…

1 October 14, 2019
Workflow Application: SENDHTTPPOST usage

The SENDHTTPPOST workflow application lets you create outgoing webhooks to external systems. Webhooks allow an API to exchange information with other applications through HTTP POST requests, and can be used to build inte…

1 October 14, 2019
Changement de couleurs de titre de section 14 September 12, 2019
Empêcher l'envoi avant la prise en compte des champs requis 9 September 3, 2019
GraphQL desktop tool

If you need to work in GraphQL without an internet connection, you can use the Altair GraphQL Client for offline access. If you’re using Basic authentication for GraphQL, download the application from https://altair.s…

1 June 30, 2019
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