Support add/remove participant member list via app or web service call


I would like to manage the members of the participant per process instance based on a given parameter.
I saw it is posible via GraphQL Api, but I am looking for an WorkflowGen app or a Web service Call?

Thanks sven

Hello Sven,

The GraphQL API or the Webhook API can be called from the WorkflowGen application RestApiClient.

This would allow you to make a process that would launch a GraphQL request you saw possible from a WorkflowGen process.

Here is an exemple of a Webhook request made with RestApiClient:

The app_url is a mix of the WorkflowGen macro for the URL followed by /hooks/ and then a parameter value {token}.

In this example we use the webhook operation to add a user to a group with addUsersToGroup.

And we give the operation two input id and userids with the parameters and args.input.userids__0.

A similar structure is used when making a call to GraphQL when using the RestApiClient.

If you would like assistance in building the call to GraphQL or Webhook API from the RestApiClient application, please contact us with a support ticket.