WorkflowGen v6.1.4

Advanced view search

  • Added a new Does not contain operator to the data filter.
  • Fixed a performance issue (when using an Oracle database) that occurred with searches filtered by many data filters.
  • Fixed an issue where the comma (,) character was ignored as a data filter value.
  • Fixed a UI issue where the view's Edit columns window was partially hidden by other UI elements when the screen resolution was at 1366×768 or lower.

User views

  • Rule update: All users can now shared their saved views. **User access permissions are still verified and applied when displaying the view results.**

User delegation

  • Fixed an issue where a validation error message was shown after a valid end date selection.


  • Fixed a regression issue where a process manager was unable to search users and groups in the participant association window.

Process management

  • Improved data mapping validation in the action's **Edit parameter** window.
  • Sub-process action parameters are now deleted when changing to another sub-process.
  • Sub-process action parameters can now be removed manually when they are no longer required in the selected sub-process.
  • Parent process report: Added new warnings about sub-process action parameters that have mismatched directions and/or datatypes or that were no longer required in the selected sub-process.
  • Sub-process report: Added new warnings about parent process versions that have incompatible sub-process action parameters (mismatched directions and/or datatype or not required).
  • Export XPDL: Added the parameter name and direction for sub-process action parameters.
  • Import XPDL: Matching sub-process action parameters by name instead of by order.

Form designer

  • Fixed an issue where the Save as draft button was still visible in the form archive HTML with web forms in AJAX mode.
  • Fixed an issue where WorkflowGen was sometimes unable to open the form configuration panel due to a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed an issue where an exception error was raised from the web form at runtime due to multiple selected items in a DropDownList control.

HTML5 Workflow designer

  • Fixed an issue where a participant swim lane was not displayed in the graphical view when its height or width was zero.

Workflow application

WorkflowGen authentication

  • Fixed an issue where the login failed due to the password containing a colon (:) character.
  • Rule update: Usernames containing a colon (:) character are no longer supported.


  • Oracle: Added foreign key references to the WFPARTICIPANT_MAPTO table.
  • Oracle: Clean up of invalid rows in the WFPARTICIPANT_MAPTO table.

Legacy software support

  • As of version 6.1.3, WorkflowGen no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 (see IE 8 Lifecycle from Microsoft), Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003.

Installation packs

WorkflowGen 6.1.4 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 6.1.4 (Clean install - Wizard)
WorkflowGen 6.1.4 (Clean install - Manual)
WorkflowGen 6.1 Web and Service configuration files (for reference)


WorkflowGen 6.1 Technical Reference Guide
WorkflowGen 6.1 Administration Reference Guide
WorkflowGen 6.1 User Portal Reference Guide