WorkflowGen and SAP Integration


Technical overview

WorkflowGen can quickly and easily integrate SAP transaction calls for importing or exporting data into your processes and .NET web forms, which offers a lightweight and powerful workflow front-end for SAP.

There are two integration possibilities:


This solution provides a range of web services that can easily be integrated with your WorkflowGen processes or .NET web forms based on SAP’s standard PI/XI integration platform.


This solution provides standard RFC-based BAPI services that can easily be integration with your WorkflowGen processes or .NET web forms based on SAP’s BAPI RFC standard.

You can now simplify WorkflowGen and SAP integration without having to add new middleware, relying instead on standard SAP methods.

Since WorkflowGen processe are generally quick to integrate and deploy, you can now offer powerful workflows to a maximum number of users without having to worry about a SAP per-user license model.

Examples of use

  • SAP Master Data Management: Coordinate all activities relating to the creation and maintenance of products, vendors, customers, and other key master data.
  • SAP User Role Management: You can retrieve a SAP user's current profile and display it in a web form that can be modified by an authorized user. The changes can then be validated by a supervisor and if approved, the new information will be updated into SAP.
  • Display/update product order information
  • Display/update customer information
  • Display/update employee information

Please contact WorkflowGen support for more information.