WorkflowGen 5.5.1

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #3172: NEW FEATURE - Form designer: A new custom attribute (TimeZoneConversion) to disable the user’s time zone conversion for DateTime Label and Text fields.

  • #3144: NEW FEATURE - Form designer: A new form configuration option for enabling the XML signature to sign a form data.

  • #3139: NEW FEATURE - Form designer: Radiobutton and checkbox with one item can be transformed as a list (radiobuttonlist and checkboxlist).

  • #3174: NEW FEATURE - Multi-users and group members activation and deactivation.

  • #3150: NEW FEATURE - Directory Synchronization: Batch mode user account deletion.

  • #3151: PERFORMANCE - Directory Synchronization: AD/LDAP Load remote group members and user manager performance improvement.

  • #3148: PERFORMANCE - Disable the deletion rules check for users, groups and directories lists and form.

  • #3166: UPDATE - Form designer: WorkflowGen’s main and slave database connection names are now removed from the tool’s databinding tab for security reasons.

  • #3147: UPDATE - Form designer: Always display the field identifier in the row’s tooltip when in the Edit field identifier menu.

  • #3131: UPDATE - Directory Synchronization: It is now possible to create as many deactivated accounts without limited by the maximum number of users allowed in the per user licence.

  • #3152: BUG - Form designer: Field’s action behaviour and Field’s conditional behaviour / Hiding a field does no longer leave a blank space in the runtime web form.

  • #3146: BUG - Form designer: It was not possible to save the RadioButton field settings after adding new items to the field that has one item initially.

  • #3133: BUG - Form designer: The Behaviour and Mapping features were not functionnal when the WorkflowGen server was migrated from the version 4.

  • #3176: BUG - Fixed some wrong field labels (Display name and Distinctive name) in the directory mapping window.

  • #3170: BUG - Statistics data report: A JavaScript error was raised when adding multiple data into the selected data list.

  • #3167: BUG - Fixed an issue in Firefox and Chrome browsers to refresh the parent window when adding a new participant.

  • #3153: BUG - Fixed a process participant list default column ordering issue.

  • #3140: BUG - An erroneous warning message on the FORM_HTML data was displayed in the process report.

  • #3135: BUG - Fixed an Oracle database creation issue in the InstallShield setup pack.


  • #3175: NEW FEATURE - User account self-activation (per directory option).

  • #3161: PERFORMANCE - Fixed a performance issue in the team todo search SQL query.

  • #3160: PERFORMANCE - Database scalability: Improved connection pool management.

  • #3149: PERFORMANCE - Improve the user search response time in all delegation dialog windows.

  • #3168: UPDATE - Disable the launch action button after the first click to prevent launch action event duplication.

  • #3154: UPDATE - Support filtering by the user’s last name, first name and username in the action user assignment search.

  • #3145: UPDATE - Web Service API: Allow authorized users to use the StartProcess web method.

  • #3171: BUG - An exception error was raised when WorkflowGen tries to log a notification sending failure.

  • #3169: BUG - Display a clean WorkflowGen error message when a database sql exception error was raised in the launch action event.

  • #3162: BUG - Fixed a Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability.

  • #3155: BUG - An exception error was raised when sorting on the action column in team action todo list with a MS SQL Server 2008 database.

  • #3141: BUG - Displayed messages for required fields and invalid types are now dependent on the user’s selected language.

  • #3124: BUG - Shared Views: It was not possible to share a view to a global participant of the process.