Who can access FORM_ARCHIVE of a request?


I want to let the user to access Form Archive for all request in Process A by using a URL like below.


Do I need to add that user to the participant list as an Actor or Process Supervisor?
Is there any other steps needed to follow to achieve the above function?



I find this to be hard to accomplish. There should be a specific (READ_ONLY) participant role for this but it does not exist.

There is no way to do this 100%. You can add the user in a process supervisor participant, but the link URL will not work for delegated users since you need to add an extra url parameter.

The way I got this to work is with a custom Web API call that uses Web Service calls to WorkflowGen to figure out the URL.

Hopefully, WorkflowGen will come up with a better solution.

By the way this affects not only the form archive, but all FILE data variable that you might have in a process.


See my other response here: Open a WFG approved, by its request number - #7 by jianan.hsu

As mentioned, the URL below will open the specific request attachment file (FORM_ARCHIVE in this example) by verifying the user’s highest access permissions.


Your user must have the right permission to access the specific request (e.g. performed an action as a requester/actor or is a requester/supervisor/manager/administrator of the request).

So, if your user is not the requester nor an actor in the request then yes, you will need to add him as Process Supervisor in the process.

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Hi @jianan.hsu,

Thanks for your explanations.