View attachments only


How can I allow to a participant view any attachments
that added to a request without download it.

Best Regards
Rami Tobasi


Please , Any answer about above question??


Hi Rami,

The files stored in WorkflowGen are secure and cannot be accessed through a URL.
In order to see those files without downloading them, they need to be public.
What you can do is create a custom application that uploads/copies the files in a shared location and implement a viewer such as ViewerJS to view those files:



Hi Eddy,
I have a note any user can view an attachment from follow up screen or when open Form archive then click on an attachment

best Regrads
Rami Tobasi


Hi Rami,

The system validates the logged in user before showing/downloading a file in the follow up form.
This functionality is not implemented in the form itself.