File attachment not shown on form when being processed

This picture show where i uploaded a file attachment but when being send for approval the file doesn’t appear in approval section on the form as shown on the picture link Disappear
but in this picture shown the file appear from here crop

So is there any way to make the file attachment appear all the way through approval to the end of the workflow on the form itself?

Hi @Shakti28,

In the default Attachment control in .NET, you cannot insert a file to the attachment programmatically.
That is why WorkflowGen has an advanced mode which can be enabled in the attachment control itself.


The advanced mode inherits the default .NET control but also allows the file to be inserted by putting a VALUE IN (through mapping).

Once this control is activated you can export the file (VALUE OUT) on the action that is supposed to insert the attachment and then insert the file (VALUE IN) on the desired actions to see it.

If the file can be modified in a subsequent action, I recommend you to always export it (VALUE OUT) to see the latest uploaded file.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your help eddy


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