I am using the WorkflowFileUpload Control and my file does not display for subsequent actions


I am using the WorkflowFileUpload control on my web form. When I upload a file and submit the form, I can see in the follow-up form’s ‘Associated Data’ that the file was successfully uploaded to a process data. However when the next action is launched the file does not display on the form.


Upon every submit, WorkflowGen automatically generates an XML file that is stored in a process data via the EFORMASPX FORM_DATA required parameter. This XML file contains the web form’s data. WorkflowGen can use this XML file to populate your form fields with data from one action to another. However, the XML file cannot store files within itself as it can with text data, so your WorkflowFileUpload control will be empty when the form loads.


Make sure you have an OUT parameter in the EFORMASPX action to export the file to a process data when the form is submitted. You will also need to create an IN parameter for every action you want to display the uploaded file. Remember that the IN parameter’s name must equal the value of the WorkflowFileUpload control’s ID property.

Make sure to specify the process data that contains the uploaded file as the IN value. On subsequent actions of uploading a file, a link to the file will be displayed on the web instead of the Browse button. There might also be links to modify and delete the file depending on the whether the ReadOnly property is set to true or false.