Open a WFG approved, by its request number

How to open a closed request by its request number?
I’d like to put a request number(how to set it as a link) from another process, if the user click the request number, open its data page for review the content.



I think this could work :

To open it, I think you must have the correct credential (been declared as superviser in read only mode for example).

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Best regards

Hello Nvarlet,
Thanks very much, I had created a link,
but I cannot open it for security problem, how to solve it?
plus, I’d like to open a page same as the Form archive by clicking download a copy.

thanks again.


This is the same issue discussed here:

I am already the supervisor,
but I still don’t have authorization to open the request. (You do not have an authorized participant access to the request #200033)

The way I got this to work is with a custom Web API call that uses Web Service calls to WorkflowGen to figure out the URL.
Can I have a detailed example?
thank you in advance.

If the user is a supervisor, you need to add the parameter SUPERUSER=Y.

It is hard to figure out if the user has access as a regular user or a supervisor or a delegate.

In my custom code, I use the WorkflowGen web service GetProcessInstanceList.

You have to figure out which query to execute the method depending on what type of user it is.

If you use the “Search” query, it will return the correct URL if the user has access or is a process supervisor.

If the user is the requester and also a limited supervisor, you need to query “InProgress” if the request if open or “Closed” if the request is closed.

I have a custom SQL query to the database to figure out if I need to set the DelegateUsername in the header of the request.

I hope this helps.


Actually, you can use these URLs to open the request follow-up form and file download without worrying the regular user or manager mode (i.e. SUPERUSER=Y).

It uses the user’s highest access permissions.

Just make sure your user have the right permission to access the specific request (e.g. performed an action as a requester/actor or is a requester/supervisor/manager/administrator of the request).

Request follow-up form without the portal menu


Request follow-up form with the portal menu


See the paragraph User and supervisor/administrator mode of this article in the forum: Direct URL: How to display a request follow-up form

Attachment file of the request (FORM_ARCHIVE in the example below)


As for the delegation mode, it does not handle it automatically. You will still need to pass the additional parameter ID_USER_DELEGATOR=123 in that case.

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