Setup: Workflow Application: Raise Exception: Error "InternalServerError"

This article only applies for WorkflowGen version 5.6.2 and earlier.
As of version 5.6.3, RAISEEXCEPTION doesn’t use authentication parameters defined in the workflow application and in the web.config file.


When you launch a RAISEEXCEPTION action an error is triggered with the following error displayed in the Portal Action Follow-up form:

CODE : ErrorWebprocCall (#205)SOURCE : WebProcExecuteMESSAGE : Error Unauthorized ....


  1. Edit the RAISEEXCEPTION configuration file (/wfgen/wfapps/webservices/raiseexception/web.config) and check the following entries:

     <add key="**DefaultIdentityUsername**" value="myusername"/>  
     <add key="**DefaultIdentityPassword**" value="mypassword"/>  
     <add key="**DefaultIdentityUserDomain**" value=""/>  

    DefaultIdentityUsername must be a user with the required access rights to the WorkflowGen application.

  2. Add the following entry in the same web.config file if not already defined:

     <authentication mode="Windows"/>  


  • The RAISEEXCEPTION workflow application has to be secured with Basic authentication; form authentication is not supported. The same authentication requirement applies to all workflow applications in the /wfgen/wfapps/WebServices folder.

  • For WorkflowGen versions prior to v5.6.3, the RAISEEXCEPTION workflow application doesn’t work when the WorkflowGen Portal is secured with Form authentication.