Promoting local participants to global participants

It’s become apparent to me that many of my workflows will be better as subroutines than as independent workflows. The higher level workflow will need the same participant list as the lower level. I’d like to promote all the local participants to global participants so that the process and subprocess share them. So far, I have yet to find a way to move them, only to recreate them. Is it possible to move them en masse?


Click Participants in the banner menu to open the Participants list. From there, you can create global participants that can be added in any process and subprocess.

When adding a new participant to a process (or subprocess), you’ll find the new participant in the Global participant list.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, Eddy. My problem wasn’t how to create global participants, but how to move participants from the local pool to the global pool. Ultimately I just recreated them since there seemed no way just to change their scope. Luckily it was only a dozen or so participants.

In that case, merging all the process participants with the same name as a global participant is not a possible task using the standard user interface. It could be done but only by manually remapping all the fields necessary in the database. Recreating the participants is the standard solution.