How to use the subflow requester


How can I set the subflow requester if the participant of the first action of the sub-process is not part of the participant groups in the parent process?

The options for the subflow requester are all automatic to someone who is part of the parent process participant and I cannot select the participant from the sub-process.


Assign a dedicated user as the subflow requester who will not be used in the sub-process. To do this:

  1. Set the default wfgen_admin account as part of the parent process participant to be the subflow requester of the sub-process.

  2. Create a TEXT type process data that has a default value of wfgen_admin and name the data SUBFLOW_REQUESTER.

  3. In the sub-process action, select Automatic to the person for the subflow requester and choose the SUBFLOW_REQUESTER process data from the Retrieve users from drop-down list.

This way WorkflowGen will trigger the sub-process on behalf of wfgen_admin. But once the sub-process begins, it will take its own action participant assignment rules.