How to assign action to a dynamically generated participant?

I am starting a workflow via the Web API, so I do not have the user information when the wf starts. How do I notify a user via email with a link to the action that then assigns the action to the user that received the email?

In other words: I need the participant to be defined as the Requester Role dynamically inside the workflow (or when the workflow starts). I have access to user properties such as Domain Name, AD UserName and AD Email Address.

Can I start a workflow as a user with those properties?

I have searched the forums and have not seen a scenario that describes my use case.

Hi @jason.smith,

It is recommended that all potential requesters to be predefined.

In case a user that you would like to launch a request is not present in the REQUESTER participant group, you can add him using the method AddAssociationsToParticipant

You can check if a user exists in the participant group using the method GetParticipant

In the Notifications tab of the first action, make sure the Todo notification is checked.
If the process is launched by a different user than the requester (which is the case using the Web API), a Todo notification will be sent to the requester which contains a link to the request by default.

With the StartProcess method, you can launch a new request as another user by using the impersonateUsername parameter as indicated in the documentation.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the feedback. So, when I attempt to launch my process with importonateUsername the process still launches as the context of my username, not the other user:


See also the uploaded photo showing that wachsmanj is a user in the list of Requesters.

Any thoughts on what I might be missing here?