How do I import my workflow from one environment to another and maintain the users within the participants that are specific to the current environment?

This can be accomplished very easily within WorkflowGen. Consider the following scenario:

You have multiple instances of WorkflowGen (such as a development environment and a production environment) and you would like to import a workflow from development to production, and not import the users associated to the participants from development, but maintain the users associated to participants from production.


Process designers often manually reassign users to participants whenever a new version goes into production.

The solution is to use the latest production version of the process as a base. Click New Version, and when prompted with Do you want to create the new version from an XPDL file? click Yes and provide the exported XPDL file from the development server. This way, users associated to participants will be retained.

Whether you are using global participants or process-specific participants in your workflow, if the participant already exists in WorkflowGen and is used for the current imported process, the existing participant’s users, groups, directories, and coordinators can be updated with the ones from the XPDL file (only if the Import directory associations option is checked).

See the Process Editing section in the WorkflowGen Administration Guide for more information.

Note: If you choose to import the XPDL file into an existing version of the process (replacing the XPDL), the associated users will be overwritten and existing requests for this version will be erased.