Deploy worklows in production process

I’m needing to know is there any method or process that you follow to send new workflows or to update workflows in pdocution environment.We have tree environment: Dev => Test => Production.

What are your best practices or advices for that ?


Hi @salah.frq,

Once you are finished building the process in the Dev environment:

  1. Export the main process (From the Information tab)
  2. Export the sub processes linked to that process if there are any.
  3. Export Global Lists used in the process if there are any
  4. If custom development is done, make sure to export any custom assemblies, configuration files, databases related for that custom development.

Then deploy on the Test environment.
Best practice#1: Always create a new version of the process and global list for each deployment, this way you can revert back to an older working version.

Best practice#2: Have a centralized configuration file for any configurations that might change from one environment to another.
For example, if you are connecting to a sandbox environment API to do your tests in the Test environment and in production you have to connect to the production environment API, it is better to have a centralized configuration on each server (you can use the web.config file) this way you don’t have to remember to change the API connection settings each time you want to do a deployment from one environment to another.

Best practice #3: It is very easy to forget to deploy a component in a big deployment package. Make sure to test your processes till the end before going live. If there is anything missing, usually the error message that will be displayed will give you a big hint of what is missing. Make sure to note what were the missing components so you don’t do the same error in the next deployment.

Hope this helps,