List of available macros

The macros listed in the table below can be used in transition conditions or in the additional parameters of application type actions. They will be replaced by their associated values during process execution.

See the Macros section in the WorkflowGen Administration Guide for information on how to use these macros, file data macros, and web configuration app settings.


Macro Tag Value
Current user.field * <WF_USER_field> * User information
Assigned user.field * <WF_ASSIGNEE_field> * Assignee user information
Requester.field * <WF_REQUESTER_field> * Requester information
Action initiator.field * <WF_INITIATOR_field> * Action initiator information
Process.Id <WF_PROCESS_ID> Process identifier
Process.Name <WF_PROCESS_NAME> Process name
Process.Description <WF_PROCESS_DESC> Process description
Process.Status <WF_PROCESS_STATUS> Process status
Process.FormUrl <WF_PROCESS_FORM_URL> Process form URL
Process.Version <WF_PROCESS_VERSION> Process version
Action.Id <WF_ACTIVITY_ID> Action identifier
Action.Name <WF_ACTIVITY_NAME> Action name
Action.Description <WF_ACTIVITY_DESC> Action description
Current action.Id <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_ID> Action instance identifier
Current action.Name <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_NAME> Action instance name
Current action.Creation date <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_CREATION_DATETIME> Action creation date
Current action.Deadline <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_LIMIT_DATETIME> Action deadline
Current action.Pre-overdue days <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_PREOVERDUE_DAYS> Number of days before the action becomes overdue, rounded up to the nearest day
Current action.Pre-overdue hours <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_PREOVERDUE_HOURS> Number of hours before the action becomes overdue, rounded up to the nearest hour
Current action.Pre-overdue minutes <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_PREOVERDUE_MINUTES> Number of minutes before the action becomes overdue, rounded up to the nearest minute
Current action.Pre-overdue seconds <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_PREOVERDUE_SECONDS> Number of seconds before the action becomes overdue, rounded up to the nearest second
Current action.Overdue days <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_OVERDUE_DAYS> Number of days that the action is overdue, rounded down to the nearest day
Current action.Overdue hours <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_OVERDUE_HOURS> Number of hours that the action is overdue, rounded down to the nearest hour
Current action.Overdue minutes <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_OVERDUE_MINUTES> Number of minutes that the action is overdue, rounded down to the nearest minute
Current action.Overdue seconds <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_OVERDUE_SECONDS> Number of seconds that the action is overdue, rounded down to the nearest second
Current action.Count <WF_ACTIVITY_INST_COUNT> Number of completed instances for the current action
Request.Id <WF_PROCESS_INST_ID> Request identifier (process instance)
Request.Relative Id <WF_PROCESS_INST_RELATIVE_ID> Request relative identifier
Request.Month relative Id <WF_PROCESS_INST_MONTH_RELATIVE_ID> Request month relative identifier
Request.Year relative Id <WF_PROCESS_INST_YEAR_RELATIVE_ID> Request year relative identifier
Request.Name <WF_PROCESS_INST_NAME> Request name (process instance)
Request.Creation date <WF_PROCESS_INST_CREATION_DATETIME> Request creation date (process instance)
Request.Deadline <WF_PROCESS_INST_LIMIT_DATETIME> Request deadline (process instance)
Action.Participant name <WF_PARTICIPANT_NAME> Action participant name
System.Date <WF_SYSTEM_DATE> System date
System.Date/time <WF_SYSTEM_DATETIME> System date/time
System.Time <WF_SYSTEM_TIME> System time
System.Language <WF_SYSTEM_LANGUAGE> User system language
System.Null <WF_SYSTEM_NULL> Enable process designer to reinitialize a PDF form field value to Null
System.ApplicationBase Url <WF_SYSTEM_APPLICATION_BASE_URL> Returns the application root URL (e.g. http://[servername])
System.ApplicationUrl <WF_SYSTEM_APPLICATION_URL> Returns the WorkflowGen application URL (e.g. http://[servername]/wfgen )
System.ApplicationPortal ScriptUrl <WF_SYSTEM_APPLICATION_PORTAL_SCRIPT_URL> Returns the WorkflowGen application portal page URL (e.g. http://[servername]/wfgen/show.aspx )
System.ApplicationConfigPath <WF_SYSTEM_APPLICATION_CONFIG_PATH> Returns the physical path to the WorkflowGen web.config (e.g. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wfgen\web.config )
System.ApplicationDataPath <WF_SYSTEM_APPLICATION_DATA_PATH> Returns the physical path of the application data folder (e.g. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wfgen\app_data )
System.Guid <WF_SYSTEM_GUID> System-generated globally unique identifier
Important: The generated GUID will be the same when used in standard action parameters except when the scripting option is enabled, in which case each expression will have a unique GUID.
Parent.Process Name <WF_PARENT_PROCESS_NAME> Returns the parent process name in a sub-process action
Parent.Process Version <WF_PARENT_PROCESS_VERSION> Returns the parent process version in a sub-process action
Parent.Request Id <WF_PARENT_PROCESS_INST_ID> Returns the parent request ID in a sub-process action
Parent.Current action Id <WF_PARENT_ACTIVITY_INST_ID> Returns the parent current action ID in a sub-process action
Web configuration app settings <WF_APP_SETTING_name> Macros created based on custom web configuration app settings (see the Web configuration app settings macros section in the WorkflowGen Administration Guide)

* field: See the next table.

User macro suffixes

Field Description
LASTNAME Last name
FIRSTNAME First name
USERNAME Name of the user
MANAGER Manager’s username
MANAGER_LASTNAME Manager’s last name
MANAGER_FIRSTNAME Manager’s first name
EMAIL Email address
PHONE Telephone number
MOBILE Mobile telephone number
PAGER Pager number
FAX Fax number
OFFICE Office number
DEPARTMENT Department number
TITLE Civic status
EMPLOYEENUMBER Employee number
EMPLOYEETYPE Type of employee
POSTALADDRESS Postal address
ZIPCODE Zip code
EXTATT1 Extended attribute 1
EXTATT2 Extended attribute 2
EXTATT3 Extended attribute 3
EXTATT4 Extended attribute 4
EXTATT5 Extended attribute 5

Examples of macros

The following table shows examples of the macros listed above.

Macro Example
Current user.field <WF_USER_FIRSTNAME> <WF_USER_DEPARTMENT> will give "John Accounting"
Assigned user.field <WF_ASSIGNEE_EMPLOYEENUMBER> <WF_ASSIGNEE_EMPLOYEETYPE> will give "11225 Permanent"
Requester.field <WF_REQUESTER_COMPANY<WF_REQUESTER_LASTNAME> will give "My company Smith"
Action initiator.field <WF_INITIATOR_FIRSTNAME><WF_INITIATOR_LASTNAME> will give "John Smith"
Process.Id 12
Process.Name "2_LEVELS_APPROVAL"
Process.Description "2 levels approval"
Process.Status "ACTIVE"
Process.FormUrl ""
Process.Version 1
Action.Id 2
Action.Name "INITIATES"
Action.Description "The Requester initiates the request"
Current action.Id 2
Current action.Name "2-VALIDATES"
Current action.Creation date 2019-04-20T20:23:07Z
Current action.Deadline 2019-04-30-T20:25:25:46Z
Current action.Count 2
Request.Id 1701
Request.Relative Id 12
Request.Month relative Id 12
Request.Year relative Id 12
Request.Name "2_LEVELS_APPROVAL #1795"
Request.Creation date 2019-04-20T20:35:00Z
Request.Deadline 2019-04-30T09:00:00Z
Action.Participant name "John"
System.Date 4/20/2019
System.Date/time 4/20/2019 2:44 PM
System.Time 1:44 PM
System.Language "en-US"
System.Null <NULL>