How to send workflow notifications to Slack channels

Avid Slack user! You can receive WorkflowGen workflow notifications in your Slack channels, which is a great solution to centralize email notifications directly in your communication tool.

The solution is quite simple and does not require custom integration. In Slack, enable the “Email” application in the channel you want (available with the Standard plan). An email address is generated by the Slack Email application.

Then, in WorkflowGen, use this email address in the additional notifications of your workflow action. If needed, you can deactivate automatic notifications.

You can use the WorkflowGen standard notification templates or create custom templates.

Notifications will be sent to the Slack email and in turn published to the corresponding Slack channel. Attachments such as the form archive are easily available via links displayed in the Slack message.

Tip: Instead of using the Slack email directly in WorkflowGen additional notifications, you can create an alias in your mail server and then use this alias in WorkflowGen. That way, if you need to change the channel, you only need to update the alias, and not the WorkflowGen processes themselves.