How can I add additional data columns in FormData in Simple mode?


In Advanced Mode, you have to manage the form data structure by defining your own Dataset or predefining your XSD (XML Schema) in Visual Studio at design time. In Simple Mode, the WorkflowGen.My class parses all supported .NET controls (TextBox, Label, etc.) in your web form and automatically generates the FormData context.


By taking advantage of the FormData auto-generation by the WorkflowGen.My class, you can add additional data columns to store information (that will not necessarily be available to the end-user) by inserting hidden controls in your web form.

As long as you have a WorkflowGen-supported .NET control in your web form with a valid value, they will be presented in the form data as your desired data column. (See the WorkflowGen Web Forms for Visual Studio Guide for details.)


The .NET HiddenField control is NOT supported. You can use a Label control with the Visible property set to False (Visible="False").