How can I attach a .Net Repeater information to my WorkflowGen web form request?


My web form has a .NET Repeater that dynamically contains multiple rows of information. How can I attach this additional information to my WorkflowGen web form request?


Each WorkflowGen EFORMASPX request has the web form data stored inside FormData and is exported as an XML file (formdata.xml) when the form is submitted. WorkflowGen will keep all the supported control values inside <Table1> and supported control values in a GridView inside a separate data table based on the GridView ID (e.g. <MyGridView1>).

GridView is the only dynamic .NET control that will be handled automatically by the WorkflowGen.My.dll.


Since the .NET Repeater is not supported by WorkflowGen, you can extract the Repeater data, build a data table, and append it to FormData. You can insert this data table in the WorkflowGen FormData object. You can then access this data table and bind it back to your Repeater as data source by pointing to FormData.Tables[YOUR_TABLE_NAME]

You can apply this approach in either Simple Mode or Advanced Mode. See the How can I add additional data column in FormData in Simple Mode? article for sample code on how to insert additional data table to FormData.