Can I use WorkflowGen built-in methods in Simple Mode?

Yes. In Simple Mode, the WorkflowGen.My class library automatically handles your web forms’ data management, whereas in Advanced Mode, you need to handle it manually. However, in Simple Mode you still have access to the WorkflowPage methods if you need to override the management of web form controls and form data to suit your needs, including defining your own DataSet for your form data (as long as it follows the WorkflowGen standard). See the WorkflowGen Web Forms for Visual Studio Developers guide for information on data management.

Common WorkflowGen data management methods that can be used in Simple Mode include:

  • BindFormDataToFields(formData)
  • FillFormData(formData)
  • SaveFieldsData(formData)
  • SaveFormData(formData)
  • SubmitToWorkflow(formData)