Directory Synchronisation Text connector

in our setup we have created the windows service for the Engine (WfgWorkflowEngineService) and Directory Sync Service (WfgDirectoriesSyncService).
We are using the Text Connector in order to sync the user and groups.
The Users and Groups are provided in csv files, which we generate from our MDM solution on a schedule basis.

In this schedule task the WfgDirectoriesSyncService is called via the comand line.

Based on my understanding if the WfgDirectoriesSyncService as service configured, the service will check the folder for new text files and sychronices the groups and user on a regular basis.

in this case it is necessary to call the WfgDirectoriesSyncService via command line on top?

thanks Sven

Hi @Sven,

There is no need to create a service for the synchronization. You can simply set that up in the Admin page -> Directories.
Create a new Directory and choose the Text connector Type.
Once all settings are configured, make sure to put Launching mode to “Automatic” and the should synchronize the directory using the servic: