"Currency" type for the FieldsDataType that displays currency according to the culture


We’ve read your post WorkflowGen.My 2.1.5.

We implemented this feature and now have question regarding it:
Depending on Default/Selected language in User profile, different currency is showing.
For example, if User’s Default/Selected language is English (United States), that User will always see dollar amount in follow up form. If User’s Default/Selected language is English (Ireland), that User will always see euro amount.
One User initiates request and he/she enters amount for dollars. If another user view the same request, he/she would see euro currency for the same amount. So, the same amount has different currency depending on who views request is an issue for us.

Do you have any best practice how to resolve this issue?

Thank you!


Hi Marina,

Let’s say you have 3 data:

1- Culture of user who submitted the form.
(This can be accessed using the following code: Request.Form["WFGEN_LANG"] in .NET code behind.)

2- Amount in the current culture

3- Currency of the current culture

You can retrieve the culture of the second user in the subsequent action, compare it with the first user, and convert the amount to the appropriate currency.

And if you want to change the amount, make sure you override all 3 data so that it stays consistent.

If you have any clarifications, kindly open a ticket in our Helpdesk system.

Best Regards,