Known issue: Invalid currency or numeric format error

Note: This article applies to WorkflowGen versions 7.19.0 to 7.21.0.


When submitting a form that contains a textbox with a currency/numeric validator, and the configured language/culture uses a currency/numeric format not compatible with en-US (such as a comma as a decimal separator for fr-CA or fr-FR), you receive an error message stating that the value is invalid.

This is a regression bug due to the web form async mode feature that was introduced in version 7.19.0, which enables async mode by default on all default.aspx files generated by the Form Designer.


A patch is available to resolve this issue. Download the patch WorkflowGen.My v4.6.3 then install the new assembly file into the webforms bin folder.

You will need to copy and overwrite your current \wfgen\wfapps\webforms\bin\WorkflowGen.My.dll file with the one from the patch.