Show or hide requests


How can I Show or hide requests from participants (Ators)based on a specific data in form


Hi Rami,

Do you mean hiding the requests in a view (Advanced search)?
Or hiding a section in the form?



Hi Eddy,
I mean giving access or deny for participates on the requests at their WFG Portal Baskets (such as :My Action to do or Team to do list) based on data filled by requester

In another meaning : filter and distribute the requests based on form data that filled by requester

Best regards
Rami Tobasi


Hi Rami,

In the action’s information section, you can use the “Retrieve users from” option to filter who handles the action.
If the data in the “Retrieve users from” option is either empty or contains invalid usernames, the action will be assigned to the team (Action to do list) otherwise, it will be assigned to the specified usernames.


You can create a hidden field (in this example, it’s called HIDDEN_USERNAME) and populate it with the usernames desired, depending on the data value chosen.



Hi eddy,
Thank you for your efforts
Is there a way to retrieve to Groups instead in users ?

best regards
Rami Tobasi


Hi Rami,

We only have the option “Retrieve users from” and that option only accepts usernames and not groups.



We usually add a system action using GetUsersFromDir WFG application to get the user list based on specific group, then pass the user list result to the follow action that can use the “Retrieve users from” option