Save As Draft selected and request showing in Team To Do List

Our process has some steps that allow Save As Draft. I am curious what happens if that is selected in these two scenarios:

  1. A participant group of people who are a team. The person who works on it saves as a draft and the request shows in the Team To Do List (instead of that request just showing in that individual’s actions to do). Is this the default and can that be changed?

  2. A participant group with many individuals from multiple departments (the participant group is not considered a team). A person is selected in a previous action as the Action assignee for that participant group for a specific request (in other words the request is for their department only). If that person saves as draft for an action, would the other people in the group be able to see the request somehow?

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Hi James,

1- Use a data that contains usernames in the “Retrieve users from” option.
If no usernames are found, the action will be assigned to the team.
When the form is saved as draft, store the username in the data and the action will only be assigned to the user who saved as draft.

2- What do you mean by “see the request”? In the form follow-up where they can assign themselves or in the search (view)?



  1. I mean that in any possible way. Example: participant group is called Hiring Manager that has people from all departments but one person is selected in another step (by another participant like HR). If someone from Dept. 1 is assigned to be a request’s Hiring Manager, starts the action step but chooses Save As Draft, would the request action then show up in a Team To Do List for everyone in the Hiring Manager participant group?

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If the action has an assignment method set to self service but the “Retrieve user from” field does not specify the “selected” user but instead for example the action is just assigned by process supervisor or action initiator, then when the action loop back (save as draft) the action will follow the assignment rule which is self service but without any filtering because “retrieve user from” is not defined. Then it will happen that the action become team to do.
If you need the assignment method to be “self service” but you want to limit the accessibility to only 1 or few participant users, you must set their usernames in a process data and apply that to “retrieve user from”