SENDHTTPPOST: Need assistance with configuring the parameters for a unique api endpoint

Trying to get the SENDHTTPPOST action working with a unique api endpoint and having some trouble mapping the parameters correctly. Unfortunately, I have no control over the api signature so the structure of the api can not be modified.

Endpoint Sample

public IHttpActionResult PostTest([FromBody]Test message) {
return Ok(message);

Test Model
public class Test {
public Dictionary<string, string> Header { get; set; }
public List<Dictionary<string, string>> Lines { get; set; }

Postman Test Body Content
“Header”: { “DynamicField”: 25 },
“Lines”: [{ “DynamicField1”: 1, “DynamicField2”: 2 },{ “DynamicField1”: 3, “DynamicField2”: 4 }]

I have been trying to replicate the same http post request as the postman request shown above through the SENDHTTPPOST action and I have not been able to correctly configure the parameters to send the data shown above. I have been able to map the header data by adding a parameter called Header.DynamicField and setting the text value to 25 like so:

I have tried the parameters shown above among others with no success when it comes to passing in the list of objects (Lines). Any help is appreciated, let me know if more details are necessary.

Hi Andrew,

The level of assistance that you’d need here is beyond what our team can help you with on the forum, so we invite you to open a helpdesk support ticket instead.

Best regards,

Peter Nicoll