Récupération de données écrite au début du formulaire et ré-écriture en fin de formulaire

At the beginning of the form, the user enters data (company, address, …) and on the same form at the end, he must indicate the place where the product must be delivered by selecting if the place is different from the information entered at the beginning of the form or if they are similar. (eg same recipient: “yes” or “no”).
If the user entered “yes” I would like the box “delivery address” to display the address of the beginning of the form and if “no” that this is a box to be entered by the user.
I think it must be done in code behind, but I did not find how to do it.
Thanks for your help.

Hello Bertrand,

Have you tried to launch an event when the user selects a value on your Same recipient field?

It look like this:

In your function (in the code behind), you can fill the Delivery address with the value you want.

    protected void SameRecipient_Changed(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if(SAME_RECIPIENT_FIELD.SelectedValue == "YES")

You need to replace the fields identities with your IDs.

thank you, your solution works very well. That’s exactly what I wanted. :ok_hand: